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Welcome to Kole’s Kolson Preschool

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Empirical Events

Kole’s Kolson Preschool

About Us

Established in the year 2007, founded by Mrs. Swati & Mr. Sanjay Kole. From the very beginning been focused driven & motivated by the traditional values of honesty, integrity, and service. “Kolson” preschool is revolutionizing child development centers. The school is developed on the premise that each child is unique, genius, and special. We are proud to be one of the best preschool learning centers and activity centers in Manchester city of Maharashtra- Ichalkaranji. We have been successful in keeping the innate curiosity of the child alive. We are spreading goodness in the field of Early Education for the last 15+ years from 2 branches themselves in Ichalkaranji. Our focus is to preserve & explore unique potential of each child and the school focuses on the family-centered Preschool. Several people will ask ‘What is a family-centered Preschool? As it stands, nowadays schools are very concerned with the well-being of children, while the Kolson team values family and humanity. It seems that family-centered Kolson schools go beyond just focusing on a child. We consider the whole family within the framework of the school. There are currently two branches of the school in Ichalkaranji, which enlightens over 2500 students. Constitute the best hub for Preschool activities in Ichalkaranji.Koles kolson pre school was previously known as Koles kangaroo Pre primary school.


attract & hold interest


Bring stage of social & cultural development

let Sunshine In

schools attempt to enliven our students so they unlock the treasure of development

Empirical Events

Kolson, conducts more than 60 empirical events during the entire year for our children, engaging children's families as well. This way children retain the maximum of what they learn.

How is Kolson Unique and Different?

• Holistic development
• Strong parent partnership
• A healthy mix of the best teaching technology
• Tailor-made student wellness program
• Awarded as the best Preschool multiple times by “Rotary,Probus,Lions”
• CCTV covered area
• Ventilated classroom
• Free play Section
• Swimming Baby pool
• Fire exit
• Use of latest technology

Preschool as a foundation for each and every child, Kolson Preschool creates and enables an environment for every child and thereby forms a strong foundation for their endeavor life. “Investment in early childhood education reduces deficits. It strengthens the economy and provides quality human capital to the country”.Kolson continuously strives to make these crucial 6/7 years as enriching as possible.

Services provided by Kolson Preschool

Play Group (2-3 years)


• To make an independent learner
• Developing Fostering social skill
• Self-discovery
• Motor skill development

Nursery (3-4 years)


• Develop Expression of feelings
• Engage in Teamwork
• Academic pre reading
• Exploration and learning

Jr. kg (4-5 years)


• Logical reasoning
• More focus on academics
• Exposure to other languages (5-6 years)


• Preparation for primary and high schooling
• Advanced skills
• Logical reasoning and Rational thinking
• Confidence building and Personality development

Safety First

• CCTV covered area
• Fire exit
• Ventilated classroom
• Use of latest technology


• Swimming Baby pool
• Free play Section

What Parents Think

Strong Parent Partnership

Strong Parent Partnership We have an open-door policy and partner with our parents in umpteen ways like conducting events specifically for mother, father, and grandparents. Kolson gives parents a chance to be a part of our committee where they can observe their working of the school and contribute towards the betterment of giving suggestions and feedback.
• Open door policy
• Parent volunteering activity
• Parent Partnership
• Face to Face meet
• Suggestions


“Creating a second home for children through Preschool where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility, and happiness”.


“The mission of Kolson team is to inspire children to become lifelong learners, solvers, thinkers, and global citizen through culturally competent child-centered teaching and learning philosophy”.

Contact us

Contact Details

[email protected]

Call Us +91 9807717371

Head Office & Main Branch

kangaroo Pre school opp Reliance Supermart, Uttam Prakash Talkies road, Behind Apna Bazar Ichalkaranji, Dist.Kolhapur , State Maharashtra ,416115


Mahasatta Chowk to Niramay Hospital Road ,Ashtavinayak Colony near Nakoda nagar, Ichlkarannji, 416115